fuck you kim

fuck you kim

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take a shot every time you say that the relationship in 50 shades is abusive and you get “no thats bdsm you dont understand thats the point” in return

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someone on facebook mentioned something i literally just reblogged

i am now paranoid they follow me

i see you rachael

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an emotional roller coaster from start to finish

I hate this so much more than anything

a cinematic masterpiece

if anyone ever asks me what england is like

i will show them this

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Anonymous asked: (same anon as "fwiw") also just as an etiquette thing in general, if ppl say a tag is just for [demographic] it's considered rude and invasive to post there if you're not in [demographic]. so if you get any responses that are rude, the person who writes them is probably just responding in kind to what they perceive as a rude opening action! if you need advice on something like this it's best to send asks to individual blogs who have offered to give it, or to post in the general non-safe tag.
  • the fact that there are now tags that certain people aren’t “allowed” to go to is ridiculous ok
  • i phrased my original question in the absolute nicest way possible
  • im not psychic
  • nor am i gonna go hunting on otherkin blogs for hours to see if they accept random questions from random strangers
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The way female porn stars and prostitutes are treated as if they aren’t people makes me sick.

There is a video of a girl trying to kill herself on YouTube. I’m not sure if it’s real, and hey, it might not be, but someone who fakes suicide can’t exactly be in a great position in life.

The comments are vile. I don’t even want to repeat them.

The lack of respect for women as if they aren’t human is a terrifying thing that needs to stop.

Society needs to change.


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thats it

i want hair like karen gillan

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